Dear Colleagues,

We are organizing the second stroke academy in Istanbul, Turkey on 14-16 of September. The Turkish Neurological Society (TND) brings together all Turkish neurologists, who are dedicated to establish and implement a nation-wide stroke diagnosis and treatment system (of care) deserving all kinds of praise, in this stroke Academy with international attendance and contribution. You will remember that the efficacy of neurotrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke was first announced at the World stroke conference held in Istanbul in 2014. During the four years passed, we, Turkey neurologists, all worked together and done a lot. Now, we say that Turkey neurology will continue to write the story of stroke in Istanbul; and so, we are very much delighted and proud to welcoming you.

The Academy is international. The language of the meeting is both English and Turkish. Eleven internationally-recognized scientists, including 5 neurologist neuro-interventionalists, who have made significant contributions to various areas of stroke will be with us at the Academy. Academy will gather not only almost all stroke master neurologists practicing in our country, but also many young stroke-laborer neurologist colleagues, all providing us to look to the future with eminent confidence and pride.

Stroke prophylaxis, neuroimaging, intravenous thrombolysis, stroke neuroanatomy and neurointervention will be our main topics. However, the subjects are, of course, not limited to these titles. We will discuss every aspect of stroke in detail during these three-day journey.

All the neurologists are invited to the stroke academy organized by TND in Istanbul at its best time and in its heart. Come to create this tradition together.

Academy Organization Committee